Mr Mistry

The first illustration I remember creating was a character from the cartoon series called 'Kids Next Door', since then I've been drawing and improving as I go along. It's refreshing to see how far I've come.

'We talking about practise?'- Allen Iverson

 As I did more, my skills expanded and my style changed.

My process is very destructive, instead of fixing mishaps, I'd rather start again completely. This has allowed me to pay more attention to detail and my vision on the finished piece. My subject matter is anything that piques my interest.

 I have phases of consistant subject matter, which involves TV shows I'm binging, animals, history etc.. other than that I am a HUGE fan of basketball, especially Kobe Bryant. 


Fast forward to where I am right now... I'm a Graphic Designer who enjoys illustration and that's why this site was created. For me to enjoy, and hopefully others to enjoy as well.
-Mehul Mistry